The Floating Harbour

A Serialised Novel

In January of 2016 I started writing something. Or, at least, I started filling a notebook with ideas, doodles, and notes on Bristol and the city novel that I wanted to write about it.

Three and a half years later, eight notebooks on, many pens passed, and countless doodles – relevant and irrelevant – hence, I have finished what has become The Floating Harbour. Given its length, it is probably a novella, but I’m not sure there’s any real validity to different definitions of what counts as novel or novella. Whichever it is, it is a story. A story about Bristol somewhat, but it evolved far beyond what I originally conceived, though elements have certainly remained.

It could have been called A Day In The Life.

As announced here, I am going to release it serially: chapter by chapter, once a week, every Sunday morning (UK time), starting with the 4th of August. The novel will be entirely free. You can download PDFs from this page and from the posts I make for the release of each chapter. Each chapter on this page will become a link to download the PDF from once it has been released (the Prologue is included with Chapter 1, and the Epilogue with Chapter 11).

At the end of the serialisation, I will make available a PDF of the whole thing altogether.

(Horrendously exaggerated, absolutely fabricated) praise for The Floating Harbour.

Copyright disclaimer for The Floating Harbour.

My up-turned buskers hat.  May it overflow or remain empty.

The Floating Harbour
by William Altoft

She Rises Then

Chapter 1
Mist On Water

Chapter 2
The Day, In Gentle Force, Begins

Chapter 3
The Church Muses To The Mid-Morning

Chapter 4
Cascade Girl In The Mist

Chapter 5
The River Keeps Me Company

Chapter 6
For All The Syllables, The Words

Chapter 7
This Room, This City, This World

Chapter 8
Can You Hear His Story? He Is Telling It

Chapter 9
A Path More Covered, And A Darker Night

Chapter 10
Fire And Starlight

Chapter 11
With Time Already Passed

A Bird Facing Left By Water



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