A Song Of Thoth & Merit

An excerpt from the follow-up/-on to The Floating Harbour.

     The temple in the eve’ning skyline, scaffolded in silhouette, sears with the fire of the fallen sun, blazing ‘cross th’orizon – herald night. Up upon the boulder she was standing by climbed a boy with nearly nothing on.
     “Be”[He]“fore”[leant]“it’s”[against]“too”[her]“late!”[back ‘n giggled.]
     Letting him topple neatly over to the ground below, she sat upon the stone ‘n sighed.
     “The cosmos, then, was chaos…”
     Shrieks. Giggles. Silence.

The void – its dancing blackness
bleak; its inf’nut bleakness
black –
did spread-suffuse
its chasmic fugue
with pandemonia!

Disorder – dread ‘n dire –
drove its droning plainchant
th’atonal clash
of storm-cloud tide
tore taut timpanic surge!

Over all the rolling
chaos came, conducting
she whom’s beloved,
with lotus/reed;
outstretched’s her gest’yring arm.

Cosmosis song on soundwaves:
pure ‘n po’erful pulsed
her voice!
– Dance, Maer’t, ‘n sing! –
Ma’at in order joy’us!

Observing her arrangement
made – harmonious;
divine –
the ibis did
enhance her work
with instrument sublime!

Whilst Merit mused melod’yus,
Thoth, his feet upon two
a lyre made,
with seasons strung;
on yoke-beam held – cross-barred.

With this, together they
traversed the heavens,
newly born.
Out of the east
the Aten rose
and bless’d the primal morn’…

     Silence. Giggles. Shrieks.
     “The cosmos, then,” [She smiled ‘n bowed.] “was order.”

Image creditAncient Egypt Online

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