A Prayer To Seshat

An excerpt from the follow-up/-on to The Floating Harbour.

Seshat –
Record Keeper;
She Who Is The Scribe;
Mistress Of The House Of Books;
Goddess Of Wisdom, Of Knowledge, Of Writing –
whose seven-pointed emblem
emanates atop her head,
giving to the sky the stars;
to the present – memory!
In regal, pantherine, ‘n
funerary rings, rosettes
adorn your form which
watches ‘n records!

Grant me your preservation
by your gift of essence caught
in th’amber of your libric shelves,
a-shimmer with papyrus!

Inscribe upon those scrolls, your
stylus dipped in deathless ink,
the ‘glyphs I’ve gathered swiftly
for to fend off time!

Strike into your stela slab
(e’en as you notch the years)
the pattern-paths of neurons that’re
writ amidst my mind!

Gift this river-daughter! Make,
etern’ly manifest,
her life in light, that I
might write her name…

Image credittheotheregyptblog

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