The Ballad Of Stokes Croft

A Song Of Poems

In the summer of 2019, I wrote another one of my more major projects. I ended up conceiving, developing, and writing it in the space of one notebook and about six or seven weeks. Though it did have its own evolution and change from first notebook page to last, it is thus more of an idea taken and realised than an idea morphed and changed over time into a final form.

It is a song of poems – different parts in different verse throughout a night exchanging stories.

Different in many ways from its predecessor, The Floating Harbour, it is, however, another piece with the setting of Bristol, and to be released as a free, downloadable PDF – which you can find below. I’m not going to be serialising this one, as it is much shorter. However, I’ve also listed the separate parts underneath anyway.

My up-turned buskers hat. May it overflow or remain empty.

The Ballad Of Stokes Croft
by William Altoft



An Islander’s Perspective


The View From The Mild, Mild West


Through The Dark, Brown Eyes
Of A Painted Child