Three Tanka, Then A Whole Haiku

This is an extract from the novel I am currently writing, a follow-up ‘n follow-on to The Floating Harbour, with a working title (I have the real title, I’m just not telling you yet) of ‘Egypt & Industry’.

Lean, anchor, low
your oxidated grappling beam;
sunken chain-link laid,
its mass upon
the Great Western dockyard.

Bind your barreled
wood, you rings of
rustsome iron; reaching…
Contents kept.
The grain is mismatched ‘cross the breaks.

kkcoo coooo?
kkcalling ‘dustrial dove,
‘long undulating urban stone
it steps ‘n stops ‘n, flut’ring, flies,
to perch ‘top tattered post.

Sun, searing;
th’ocean atmosphere refracts.
Gull glides o’er river’s surface.

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