Subject To No-One, Mr. Windsor

Dear King [sic] Charles #3,

To you, Mr. Mountbatten-Windsorwales,
comes – heav’ly – the halo of unearned jewels!
We’re citizens alike, subject to rule
of cracked ‘n flawed democracy! Entails
th’imaginary title ‘king’? Nowt/Nought!
A monarchaic, pyramidal farce
to be dismantled! No more power bought
by speaking to the sky in secret rooms,
then feeding back to us the mandate-boon
that One must master over us at large!
No-one is king. No-one is prince; princess.
No-one is queen. Let us leave Eden for
the pandemonium of freedom! Draw
the rust-wrecked, ragged chain dragged ‘long our floor
up to be severed – for you, too, no less!
Born to be one thing ‘n one thing alone…
Predestination forced on public kids…
You are not more than I; nor me than you.
Nothing beside remains of Ram’ses’ throne.
A moral act if we, through peace, undid
what’s left of royalism; made a true
republic of this flailing, hist’ried land,
caked o’er with blood as Lady Macbeth’s hands!
Let us all be together equal-bound!
Lay ‘side that empty, ridiculous crown!

Image creditDominic Lipinski/PA Wire

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