The Stag Upon The Brean Peninsula: Epilogue

The present day is now the recent past;
the past is yet kept in the foggy dew
of th’captured moment – Misremembered? Morphed?
Now/Then again upon this place, we few
step onward through this coastly scene ‘n th’light
of afternoon sun – th’dog ‘n her ‘n me.
I told her of the stag of memory;
of th’earth; of private moments lived; of th’night.
Yet had it happened thus? At all? Or not?
A tale repeated into life event…
But I recall my aftermathly thought
that dwelled ‘pon where it came from; where it went…
When younger, here I walked alone to find
a stag, mid-bound, imprinted on my mind.

Image creditGuillen

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