The Stag Upon The Brean Peninsula: Prologue

The t’multuosity of th’waves – wind-whipped
‘n churning th’sediment of channel sands –
lies mirrored in the strange, dynamic flux
of th’cresting, tumblefallen, grass-green land
that plays its paths peninsulaic, wrought
with boot/paw/hoof mark ‘vealing clayful red,
on t’ward the riven rock; t’ween bracken spread
‘bout steeping sides to jagged juttings brought
by th’t’multuosity of Time’s tideforce
that frenzifuriously flays its base.
T’was o’er ‘n through this coastly scene we traced
the tracks of mem’ry, for upon this place
the pathways w’thin my firing mind did course;
th’neuraic starfire of my mind did race…

Image creditGuillen

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