Hamlet In Haiku: Act 4

Act 4

Scene I

Madness by rapier!
O, it had been so with us!
Discord and dismay.

Scene II

Stowed’s intruding fool;
with dust, its kin, compounded.
Bring me to the king.

Scene III

Through guts of beggars,
unto one or other place.
No trav’ller returns…

Scene IV

Norway approaches.
To England, Denmark leaves with
thoughts bloody worthless.

Scene V

With sweet flowers, go.
Siblings lost t’one another.
Sweet ladies: goodnight.

Scene VI

I’ll return, dear friend.
Good fellows go to England
with my compliments.

Scene VII

Sons of fathers lost,
ruled by action; ruled by thought.
Goodnight, sweet princess.


Image credit – Federica Masini

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