Day 6

      Over th’rippled-wakeweave, labyrinthine, listsome layers lulled’s the lapping lapis, swelled ‘n swept from its beak-broken centrepoint, counterpointed ‘gainst the crash of echoed-impact’s surface signs, all while she entertained the children b’side the reeds.
      “Such demanding little monkeys…”

Her tilted head
held em’rald eyes;
her countenance – false-furrowed.
Her mouth mixed signals:
hold, unstable frown!

      The temple in the eve’ning skyline, scaffolded in silhouette, sears with the fire of the fallen sun, blazing ‘cross th’orizon – herald night. Up upon the boulder she was standing by, climbed a boy with nearly nothing on.
      “Be”[He]“fore”[leant]“it’s”[against]“too”[her]“late!”[back ‘n giggled.]
      Letting him topple neatly over to the ground below, she sat upon the stone ‘n sighed.
      “The cosmos, then, was chaos…”
      Shrieks. Giggles. Silence.

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