Hymn To The City Of The Sceptre

The crown of Khemet’s upper reaches! ‘Breast
Iteru’s riv’ring course, ‘pon th’eastern bank
you stand in prosp’rous glory to Amun,
who’s hid beyond the tall papyrus reeds!
The fertile mud makes abundant off’rings!
Shu soothes your stone that’s soaked in Ra’s heat-grace!
Your shrines ‘n courtyards – life ‘n health to all
who walk your courtyards; who attend your shrines –
adorn the alley where the ram-head sphinx
is legion, either side, ‘long th’city’s length!
Your wealth extends to awe all foreign lands!
Your pious worship deeply pleases all
our divine hosts, who bless our lives with Ma’at!
Re-Shyt; Isu – you guard your city’s ends!
Strong Bull, the Majesty of Horus, Who
Establishes the Laws of the Two Lands
and Pacifies, Beloved of Amun,
Neb-Ma’at-Ra, the Heir of Ra, the King:
Amun-Hotep doth favour you o’er all!
Khemet-Nesut-Weret, Great of Praises,
Mistress ‘n Lady of the Two Lands: Tiy –
she honours you with her regal presence,
presenting beauty by her husband’s side!
Wa-Set, eternal is your sceptred name!

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