A Haibun For My Childhood Cat

A lawn of unkempt blades of uncut grass.
A sloping set of plum trees, either side of the long, stone steps.
A wooden fence: part-standing; part-collapsed.

     T’was along ‘n through this garden scene that the tabby cat did wander – lazy were his steps; listless was his mind. He pushed his whiskered nose into the petals of the daffodils; he brushed his head ‘n body on the brown bark, damp with dew; he stopped atop the stone… The scent of the night-time exploration made by another creature was painted ‘pon the splint’ring, wooden fence.

A slow-worm,
slight ‘n slith’ring –
silver slivers shone.
An inept pounce:
enough to grasp a half.

Slow-worm: [Exit, pursued by a confused glance.]


Image creditFantastic Services

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