A Mem’ry ‘Pon A Corner Of My Mind

In pain oppressed memory
mind punctuationless I find
unrooted out long festered fear
self portraiture in pain
oppressive memory my eye
above in neural surging storm
sends says it screams
Remember do you how you
felt in far off time

In secure besieged corner keeps
an open prison torn ‘n rent
its spent restrictive suppression
pressed nonetheless ingrained in painsome
pulsing memory of me ‘n my
experiences saying How
you used to be so silence ridden

Neurotaclismic chasmmind find
pain in memorandemonia
to spur inference frenzied fraught
with anxious waves awashing
o’er away ‘n on anonymous
my mind in time it took a broken
voice ‘n spilled upon the page

Image credit FineArtAmerica

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