Flicker, Silent Voice


Flitting fretfully, a flow’ring flame –
trapped, tearing at the brick-lined limits –
‘neath th’echoes of the crashing waves of
wintered stars, their petals fall’n.

In unlit dark of recess, caged lay,
soaked in clenching, sweat-drenched fear,
an inf’nite, infant voice of verdance –
vain, its pleading light.

In telepathy tuned, vibration,
sent beyond a prison’s walls,
sings frantic-soft in fibrous mem’ry;
muscles muse electric.


A decade’s silence…
In confinement – self ‘n solitary –
there sits a child:


Light-formed ‘n sunburnt-brown – 
acoustically calling;
drone low ‘n dance
harmonics high,
crest scales ‘n crash peaks, falling

back, awash across the pent-up,
tonic, neural swell.
It brings upon
its pleading song
a voiceless mind to tell.

With fading, flameless ember drifts,
e’en as it burns defiant,
a wintered fire,
its petals lost,
ungently into silence…

Image credit Pixers

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