These Auld Graffitied Walls: extracts from The Ballad Of Stokes Croft

Download the full ballad, for free, as a PDF here: The Ballad Of Stokes Croft

On these fields of rural land
I heard a trav’lin band play
for the outcasts b’yond the walls of the city.
They sang at St. James’ fayre
and, as I listened there,
I saw our past and future vividly.

As progress surely arrived,
cultures lived and died, weaving into
a place that healed itself and, from within,
it forged community
of art and dignity,
nurtured’s the roots of grass that grows again.

oh wash away
we few who sing today;
we who sit and, here, the past recall.
We’ll remember what unfolds,
and, ‘til the story’s told,
we’ll be watchin’ from these auld graffitied walls.

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