The Birth Day Of The Sun: Part III






   softly       distant






cry soft ‘n distant rise






life’s dawn murm’ring chorus distant
rise in waves white-gold






seep, sound, to black-fled sky
pale re-birth rings tidal






           [       ]



th’cold cast of beamed horizon
th’morrow ‘comes today



           [       ]



straw, rags, ‘n apron bloodied
myriad maidens passed in bringing life
whittled lamb left bale-atop
he’ll add his arms to cradle


glazesome vision
betrothed, b’loved, wished-for child


[sainted, softful silence]


Silent morning.
Earthly peace.
Servant girl re-swaddles.
A trough, now cleared of water, filled
with cloth ‘n wool ‘n hay.

Clouding o’er in patchwork blue.
A crashing wave of fire crests
the eastmost ends of Iss-Ra-El
and floods the world with dawn.

Sett’ling o’er ‘n int’ th’present,
sending out oblation:
initiate anew, incarnate is
the sun – arisen.



   [sighed silence – soften]



  [rustled makeshift manger]



            [                    ]



                [           ]





Image credit – Carol Sheli Cantrell

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