Jazz/Outside Observance Only

Dates ‘n dinner-friend-meets –
funfondoo for four, about due more –
aspirating [Wait… they’re five.]
out the evening [Dammit.], needing
nought but others – others; others –
opposite ‘n side-by-side.
Actreact, re-act, track eyes
about one ‘nother/space between.
List’: the rolling waves wash o’er
whence the other tidal flowsurge
originates [Ohhhh sinickul!].
A gaze a-gaze across the fold.
The melted cheese all meted out:
they go, they go, they go, they – oh
these two remain; they’ve sep’rate plans.
A rhythm yet remains ‘n, words, demands.


Image credit – TED

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