The Floating Harbour: Chapter 11 & Epilogue

Downloadable PDF: Chapter 11 w epilogue

The wall still drops sharply, yet through a mistless night, beyond the railing and the edge, down to the water. The air’s electrically-lit between each of the eight trees – their roots breaking the grey and moss-green, late-night, cobbled surface.

The cranes stand guard, the tide’s possessed, and all is rather still.

There is a girl-child, sat softly atop the furthest bench.

I close the time and space between us.

“So:” (she asks) “how was it?”

“Inconclusive.” I sit upon the bench-top and nudge her left shoulder with my right. “But I’m okay with that.”

She hops on off the bench-top, after nudging my right shoulder with her left, and stands over by the man who’s perched upon a small and standing piece of sculpted wood.

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