A Page Left Blank In Stokes Croft

Some inanity
streaming strong
as if to shield –
Now wait… progressing bass
gives grounding to guitar.

but there’s music.

It’s because I’m
distracted by the hoops
on the ears outside.

How do you

What’s the
literary equivalent
of noise?

How can I write
the way I play
my guitar strings?

Are words only hindrance?
Is this the least
of all expression?

Is the blank page better,
when I’m at a loss for words
and where to lay them?

I don’t know
where they come from and…
that means I can’t go get them
when they’re missing.
They spill from and
over/through the ruins
of the wall, its
rust ‘n debris
swept – erosion – piece by
ruptured piece by piece.

Fallen – fall – foundations
that, uprooted, rend ‘n
jaggedly remain. As
inundation covers o’er – flow
the corners and the edges
of those ruins rest but
‘neath the riverrun they
fasten – fasten – for to
steadfastly persist.
A city certain to succumb,
or to continue?

Leave (?).

Leave (.)?

I don’t know…

I don’t know..

I don’t know.

Creativity’s a


Image credit – flickr

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