And The Cat’ll Follow

A breeze over tea
‘n the cat’s outside,
watchin’ from his spot
atop the patio.

I (Lo-fi-Japan-infused)
write for Monday morn’,
penultimate pen pressings
and’m not sure (I’m guessing)
but I think I’ll benefit
from breaking with this norm.

A breeze ‘n tea’s less
(switch off light –
the bugs draw near!).
Now I’m moved:
I’m by the cat outside,
atop the patio.

Oh… he’s left me!
He’s gone. Oh well.
Farewell. Faredecently.
I’ll be inside soon
(no stars, no lunar
lantern) and the cat’ll follow.

This day’s the last
for a while.


Image credit – Doranne Alden

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