And still
time passes,
No matter what!
No matter what…

The future
ever finds me,
sooner or later.
It never hasn’t!
It never hasn’t…

The page is new ‘n old ‘n blank
‘n filled with ink ‘n crease-lines.

Am I ever writing this?
You were always reading this.
The stars knew they were burning…
yet they’ve been cold eternally.

Reflection on what is
sudden-a-ly always then
was all that could be done
as time (still…) passes.

Sadness can be so
beautiful; sometimes;
inevitability can be
so sad.


I see

now is now
(it never wasn’t)

trees of green,

and once it’s been
it always is.

red roses, too.

This moment’s
already mem’ry,

I see them bloom

both for me
and for you.

And I think to myself…



Image credit – Wikipedia

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