Excerpts: a trailer for a novel

“I feel a little trapped…”
“Try and grab some.”
“What is it?”

The body of blue and silver – resting bright, deep – is still and silent, whilst the air above is billowed through with that shriek and undulation that the gulls consider song.

“Is it safe?”
“Is it necessary?”
“Will I make it?”

And all is rather still. Time-warped scraps compiled: the day’s a layered, tattered patchwork of hours at a time, an overlapping loop of several years.

  Conjure up the square within your mind.
  Generate its trees, its grass,
  line it ‘round with Georgian buildings.
  Paint it with a starsome sky, whose aura’s
  merging with the spreading glow of lamplight.

Follow now the ripples in the air. Pick a pathway as they’re shattered on the wind.

“Ah, this damn place won’t stop changing.”
“The coffee house?”
“This room, this city, this world.”

Dread and want – I am torn apart between the calling and the panic. Inward I baulk and break, all falls but for the shell and for its motions.

 Clap!       Clap!        Clap!        Clap!

Clap!         Clap!        Clap!        Clap!

and underneath
and up and through.

Open to the old age of the afternoon, with its clear-ish, cloudsome, cold, blue sky, a courtyard and its colonnade of columns caters to the traders busy trading on the cobbles…

“You know it’s a lie, don’t you?”
“That you’re falling apart.”

Okay, ready.

“What’s the purpose been?”

Electric light and stillness, a rumbling on the edge of hearing.

“Well, it’s either avoidance or confrontation.”

I flicker open my eyes, they make their final adjustments, and I look on at the established morning.

“You don’t know which one it is?”

What now? And what else might I do but wander?

“No. I can’t tell anymore.”

There is a girl-child, wandering free across the wooden platform.

More information and promo to begin in late July…

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