Poems At The Place Between Commitments

A Tanka In The Meantime

To notebooks (labelled)
onward, then. To a-waiting
ideas, then, return.
A subsequent, first author.
An old, returning writer.

A Haiku In The Hereafter

A path or many
leading from the harbour to
an idea or few.

Blank Verse Upon The Cusp/The Wake/The Border

Leave behind (Oh, leave behind!) tee eff aitch:
it is done (All done!); it’s been completed.
There is left to do: sharing, reading through;
whilst another takes its first notebook-steps.
The snake, the star, the cross, the crescent moon?
The gathering of nostalgic murals?
The city’s map’s begun to be filled-in.
By pendown, it’ll be fleshed-out further.
By other’s penrise, it’ll be finished.

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