Clarinet In B-flat

Many hills man-flattened:
alt-topography imposed on
native-nature. Under
avenues and over, undulating
high and deep: spectral hills.
Annexed, unsettled, settled; a
trail – diagonal and broad –
tracks hist’ry through the grid
and to the ocean.

Nexus, beyond

A sprawl that spreads to
meet the earth, under; the
sky, above. To make a name, the
tower-tops find heaven’s
empty: move in, artists;
re-claim, gentry.
Deified and demonised,
all the while accruing

New century,
entered into
with violence.

Your panarchic cycles (self-
organising; top-down constraint)
run through their pure complexity,
kinetic. Lenapean treasure; Western jewel.


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