The Fear Of Saying A Word

An hysteria, as big as
any over vocabulary, trigger-
ing such a vigour-
ous response, a rigour-
ous, robust, and bigger-
than-most fuss. Configur-
ations of graphemes, the liga-
ments of their meaning can dig hur-
t up, let society lick her
wounds and get sicker
somehow. In some mouths it’s vinegar
yet in others it’s liquor, a cigar-
ette and electric. Er-
stwhile, the context: don’t kid us,
it matters, something’s wrong with us
when but a comment, a meagre
mention sees its speaker beleaguer-
ed with dishonest attention – the kicker
being that intention is buried. Bicker-
ing over ownership and censorship: prohiber-
ation, then, instead of a liber-
ation from fear of saying a word.

Image creditM Stewart/Shutterstock

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