A Day In The Life

wake ‘n early morning’s found some
footing firm. The firmament holds
permanence at bay, not being
swept – yet – in its

way, away from now,
in its own way, away
from here. But now it’s
near, not anywhere or any-

when, but here and
now it’s later, now it’s
then and now has passed.
Yet now, again, confounds the

moment momentarily, the
afternoon begins to be as
if it only everalways was,
though it’s but here for a

full and fleeting half a day.
See: watch the way in which it
circles back and carries on
where one could loop around that

‘cumference or be gone
and onto evening next
that never wasn’t now.
Now go along on the cir-

rounding labyrinthine
linking paths, that,
cornerless, do bend and blend.
See evening out and go on

through the night and
close the eyes that in-
stantaneously bring the
morning swiftly

peering in from haze.
Linger long or little, it
won’t change the pace a
bit. You: now a-

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