So April Ends & May Begins

April ends and May
begins to cover all; un-
seen’s the line that takes/holds ground,
denoting one, the other.
Even as
(ephemeral) the winter’s apo-
gee takes Easter on and, l-
ate, chase they the heels of Autumn.

Itinerant Time over
jaded Space, past any bloc-
kade of attention to the moment,
‘eld by nought and no-one,
emphatic, and it’s over you already.
Anywhen/where/one may
only meet the future as it comes, ap-
peasing as it passes through, pro-
curing who/what/when you
are – on to chase the past.

Establish, then, oh month of May,
tease out the buds, d-
ew-cover all the flowers.
Veneer and
double (using Spring) the leaves,
expertly. Inherit, thee, the showers:
why, without them all the native- and the
xeno-flora falter, and the sun seems certain.
Said the author: April ends and May begins.


Image credit – RWAS

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