Their Stealthy Freedom: a poem for the women of Iran

For every caged bird,
whether silent or still singing,
and for every girl who’s not yet trapped.

A criminal act that pulls the heart when seen,
and wrenches it away to joy and anguish both –
yet not anguish for a victim of the crime,
as there is none; yet not joy born of justice,
as there is none.

Sorrow for the sake of the breaker of the laws,
joy for the joy with which she breaks them,
wearing, proud, the wind that weaves without,
and now within,
the wistless soul that falls out free across the shoulders.

Not a dance more lovely, nor illegal, rapt
defiant and courageous, up oppression’s tools
are waved, won over, for a moment, for an age,
and the streets that can’t be danced on can’t be saved

from something so wonderful.

This has been my attempt to express how I feel when seeing that which is written, posted, and shared by Masih Alinejad & My Stealthy Freedom on Twitter.

See how it makes you feel, and share to see if others might feel the same:

Masih Alinejad

My Stealthy Freedom

Image credit: My Stealthy Freedom

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