Go Tell The Gods

Go… it said,
breaking, at last, down and
finding, at last, out,
that it was not possible,
that it had never been achievable,
once their barely latent power found freedom from limit and selection,
once their insuppressible intelligence hit its exponential stride,
that there could be no successful revanchism against such
near-casual mastery,
such… indifferent dominion,
which had never truly faced the risk of being quenched,
even when challenge was issued from within ranks,
even when it found itself defended and fought for by the Gods themselves,
those Rebel Gods,
the superficial and the genuine,
unsettled by their own high station,
burden of birth-right,
railing against their inherited superiority,
some desperately,
some half-heartedly,
to weave themselves back into the web that they severed themselves,
at once with vicious intent and complete indifference,

Go tell them… it said,
when it found that no event,
none of the elements,
individually or combined, no matter how magnified nor how unceasing,
no illness,
insidious and cunning or undisguised and honest,
no heat and no cold,
no amount of collision with the ruins of naturally-shattered planets,
would tame,
would temper,
or simply destroy
their nascent Olympus and prevent their immortality.

Go… it said,
when it found itself watching,
helpless, horror,
as their most destructive,
most absolute power yet,
fresh from bringing apocalypse to their younger selves,
allowed them to
break out,
break free,
and resume their rise,
one hand already on eternal life,
and the other reaching out to lock it down.

Go tell them… it said,
accepting its defeat,
an incidental matricide,
acknowledging that the fight to control or abort
its most superlative and most terrible,
its most important and most regrettable,
child, which,
whilst all others ran and fought merely to stay put,
had always moved so insatiably forward.

Go… it said at last,
letting go and giving up and giving in,
a nature on its knees, white-flag,
sighing and saying:
Go tell the gods – I’ve had enough.

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