Written Somewhere Sunny In The North-East

Scaffold against the spire; spells
onto the nearly-cloudless breadth
a melody by the a-peeling bells;
curated lush-grass spreads

about its oval-pen within,
where column-lifted sundials shade;
kuhlakuhlatter of a skateboard; th’sin
of littering down-played;

Dean-Gahtuh Cross Keys, zebra-striped
amidst its gorgeous northern-brick;
desp’rately for crisps a young kid callcries;

[I interrupt this verse for a haiku on the bird I see above me.]

From blossom-branch
to branch blossomed-o’er,
the palm-sized nest-smith wanders.

[And now back to the crispless child of great pain suff’ring.]

upon the pave-slabs click

a canine’s unretracted claws;
two people ride away on bikes;
siblings at play put the whole world on pause;
onward the sun-disk hikes…

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