South-West; North-East


Rock me, mama, like the wind ‘n the rain;
rock me, mama, like
Great Western Railway train,
from the Meadow Of The Templar Knights!

Well, I ride on a mail-train babe –
can’t buy a thrill…
Well, I’ve been up
since 7am;
now sat beside the window-sill.

Footnote (hand-writ):
These are songs with mentions of trains,
but I changed the words.


I’m on the tomb-train,
stretched sarcophic out
‘n chan’ling chambers down
through depth-dark blackness blurred –
we go to face the trials of night!

Where Horus-Falcon falls;
slips th’Aten westward, out of sight –
we tunnel-set
‘n serpentinely writhe!

Amduat – twelve-hour night;
today – twelve-minute ride!
The Hall Of Ma’at? King’s Cross
(No-one weighing up my heart!)!

To be honest… it was fine.


we wibblewobble, smoothless –
final ride.

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