Written Somewhere Sunny In The South-West


A Stream Of [Haiku] Consciousness

As regular
here as the river is


in/directly from


as unique
as everybody else

As alone
(yet as accompanied)
as our planet,
living ‘midst the raging entropy;
breathing, miraculously, in a vacuum.

Take that
tanka as a tribute to a
floating world;
a floating life danced
blue and green, regardless.


Life & Space & Flies & Time

Fly, fly, frantically flit –
a life as short/as long as ‘rise to ‘set.

Move through time another way,
see space in greater range around you.
Stillness (for a moment; for an age)
upon the edges of a curved and falling world.

Fly, flies, the sun has been and gone –
the pen’s already written out the rest.

Momentum felt as sep’rate moments:
such is time.
Queued up, a-waiting patiently,
poised and ready to pass on and through.

Countless and chaotic things, filtered
by perception: such is space.
An undifferentiated ball of heat,
giving up its life to live a little.

Beautifully bleak and sudden:
such is life.
A brazen, bril’yant, ape-shaped light,
shining singing dancing, nonetheless.


Image credit – The New York Times

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