Perhaps you know it all already. Do you?

Do I? Have I allowed myself to do
the true reflection, with its
honesty and pain?

I love you, and I love her,
and I love the human race,
and I love the facts of time and change that
make us mean things to each other.

I don’t want to pass away – what else is there to do?
I’ve almost lived for 30 years and still have not met you…

And yet I have
and always had,
and yet I never will.
I’ve found you every time
I’ve formed a bond with any child.

I’ve promised this to you, you first,
by writing it in here,
but now I want to share it!
Can I do that? Is that fair?

I wonder, now, what choice I made,
if I correctly read your mind.
Is it still yours if I share it?
Did I make the last line rhyme?


Image credit – pngtree


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